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When Do You Need a Knee Replacement? 

Your knee is giving you the toughest time and the pain is becoming totally unbearable?  The question that arises here is whether you need a knee replacement or not.  This question cannot be answered alone by you.  The consultation of your orthopedic surgeon is very important. Most of the time people want to continue with their medications or therapies because knee replacement does not seem to be a very nice option. Surgeries sometimes become unavoidable no matter how much somebody is afraid of them. There are certain signs and symptoms that let you know that it is about time to replace your knee.


  1. Recurring pain:  Time after time, the pain comes back and makes the tasks of even daily routine difficult. If your knee doesn’t let you take a sigh of relief even for a little time then it is about time to go to an orthopedic surgeon and see if you are a candidate for knee replacement surgery.
  1. Aching during or after exercise:  Working out and exercising has become really difficult for you. You cannot maintain your health and fitness anymore because exercising causes pain for a very long period of time.  If you think that the condition will only become worse for you, then you must consider this surgery as soon as possible.
  1. Lack of mobility:  You would like to enjoy going places and visiting parks but the excruciating pain in your knee does not allow you to do so. If you are finding it impossible to even visit the nearby park and enjoy a morning stroll, then it might be time for a knee replacement.
  1. Medication is not bringing any significant effect:  Your medication and assisted walking devices are not of any help for you and you’ve already tried rehabilitation.
  1. Long sittings are troublesome:  Watching a movie in the theater or traveling in a car have become so troublesome for you that sitting for more than an hour causes chronic pain in your knee, then you must visit the doctor immediately.
  1. Weather can cause pain:  Even a rainy season or sudden changes in the weather lead to an unfavorable knee pain then the only treatment for it is a knee replacement surgery.
  1. Difficulty in sleeping:  Do you wake up in the night because of severe knee pain and then going back to sleep becomes impossible for you? If you want to continue with your beauty sleep then stop relying on medicines and therapies and get the treatment that will ensure that you at least get a sound sleep during the night.

Even if a slight motion in the knee causes pain or you feel that you are “grating” your joints then your knees might be in the last stages of being healthy. It is better to get the solution for your pain as soon as possible instead of relying on medicines, therapies and prolonging your suffering.

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