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Undergoing surgery can be a stressful time in someone’s life. Before physically preparing for surgery, you will need to prepare by selecting a hospital and surgeon to perform the surgery. As with a job interview, there are certain key indicators you should research in order to make an informed, educated decision.

Here are tips to keep in mind when choosing a hospital and surgeon:

Infection Rate

When choosing a location to have surgery and an orthopedic surgeon to perform the surgery, it is important to be aware of the center’s infection rate as an infection can be a highly drastic outcome.  Our doctors at Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons utilize top of the line facilities assuring you are in the best hands start to finish.  We make sure that we treat all your pain, bone and fracture needs correctly and efficiently. Factors that can contribute to the infection rate of a hospital include:

  • Time taken in surgery
  • Type of anesthesia
  • Sterile surgical environment
  • Cleaning hands before administering care
  • Receiving antibiotics before surgery

Number of Surgeries 

When selecting a hospital, you should keep in mind choosing a hospital and surgeon with experience in the field of surgery that you may need. Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons has several physicians with over 15 years of experience in orthopaedic trauma surgery who perform surgeries daily.  They have all been accredited as top doctors in Phoenix Magazine.  Medical evidence has shown that the more you do something, the better you get. If more time is available in the event of an emergency, it is often best to go to the hospital whose staff is most familiar with your need.


A patient who is looking for a hospital or a surgeon should keep in mind the amount of training their desired physician has accrued. Practice makes perfect in healthcare. The more your physician candidates perform specific procedures, the better they are at what they do. All of our surgeons are trained at the leading orthopedic residencies and trauma fellowships in the United States, and all have completed international fellowships as well. Our surgeons attend and lecture at both local and national meetings and courses related to orthopedic trauma, and actively publish scientific and educational literature in their specialty.

Patient Experience

Patient experience plays an important role when it comes to choosing a hospital and surgeon. It not only involves the way in which patients are treated, but loved ones and visitors as well. One suggestion when considering patient excellence is to visit one or more of the hospitals that you have in mind. It is fair to judge a hospital on the details that are visible to you and the medical credentials of the physicians.

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Rate of Successful Outcomes

Researching the rate of successful outcomes of your required surgery should be kept in mind when deciding on a hospital and physician. This can be done by looking online for objective data on hospital performance. An example of this would be Hospital Compare, an online service by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare). It enables you to assess the records of individual hospitals on the factors that most concern you.


Do your research. Ask questions until you are confident that you are making the right choice. Few things are more important than health so take your time to make the correct healthcare decision.

We firmly believe that orthopedic trauma is a sub-specialty that requires expertise and dedication to manage and provide pain relief for complex fractures of the Clavicle, Shoulder, Humerus (Upper Arm), Ulna (Lower Arm), Radius (Lower Arm), Pelvis, Hip, Femur (Upper Leg), Fibula (Lower Leg), Tibia (Lower Leg), Knee, Wrist, Ankle and Foot.  We are specialists with an expertise in bones. It is our objective to establish a world class center for excellence here in Scottsdale and the Phoenix metro area; our staff is proud to serve the Arizona public.

Trauma is a life changing event that is devastating for the individual and for society. We are passionate about our role in the management of the traumatized patient. If you or a loved one has suffered a major orthopedic trauma, please call our office to arrange a transfer to our facility or for a consultation if you are an outpatient. 

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