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Post-Traumatic Bone Infection

Open fractures of the tibia had a 50% mortality during the civil war of the United States. Imagine, if you had an open shin bone fracture in 1864 there was a 50% chance you would die! Modern antibiotics and surgical techniques have changed this outcome dramatically . . . but the fact still remains that a tibia fracture that penetrates the skin is a serious injury.

Humans of the 21st century enjoy exciting activities like sky diving, bungee jumping, parasailing and motorsports. Unfortunately sometimes these activities lead to life changing injuries. There are many armed conflicts happening around the globe resulting in devastating injuries of the extremities too. Open fractures that occur in high energy situations or in theaters of combat are highly susceptible to chronic infection.

The Doctors at Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons have significant expertise in dealing with chronically infected bones after trauma. We employee the most up to date techniques in surgical, metabolic, hyperbaric and molecular medicine. Osteomyelitis, or bone infection after trauma, is a horrible condition that in many cases is totally debilitating. Patients with these problems must seek experts like our surgeons who have extensive experience in the treatment of chronic bone infection and access to all of the necessary specialists to treat all aspects of the infection.

Often bone infection requires excision of dead and infected bone. In these scenarios, one needs a surgeons who can grow new bone through bone transport mechanisms using the method of ilizarov or modern bone grafting techniques.eded.

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