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Pelvis Fractures

Fractures of the pelvis are extremely complex injuries that occur after high energy trauma like a fall from a height or a motor vehicle crash. The pelvis is made of three large bones and some of the most powerful ligaments in the body. It is full of major arteries, veins, nerves and organs. An injury to this region requires a huge amount of force and can be extremely damaging to all of these structures. A patient with a pelvis fracture may for example injure the nerves at the bottom of the spinal cord, rupture their bladder or damage the intestines. Recognizing these associated injuries and working with our colleagues in general surgery and urology is part of our expert approach to pelvic fracture management.

Pelvis fracture surgery is highly specialized, and should be done by surgeons who have special training in this field and do several of these procedures a year. Our surgeons were both trained by the world’s leading pelvic fracture surgeons, and they are constantly learning about new techniques and methods.

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