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Orthopaedic VS Orthopedic:  What is the difference? 

Orthopaedic…orthopedic…?  Which spelling is correct?

Well, even though the computer spell checker seems to disagree, both spellings are technically correct.  Orthopaedics is the original British form of the word and Orthopedics is a more Americanized version.

Nicholas Andry publisher of Orthopaedia:  or the Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in ChildrenThe word “Orthopaedics” comes from the Greek words “orthos” – meaning straight – and “paideion” – meaning children.  It was coined by French physician Nicholas Andry when he published Orthopaedia: or the Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in Children in 1741.  While this may seem a limited definition of orthopaedics by today’s standards, it makes sense given that the specialty originally focused largely on correcting childhood musculoskeletal deformities like polio and scoliosis.

The common use of “orthopedics” evolved in the United States over the years, yet most University and Higher Education departments maintain the traditional “orthopaedics” spelling, as does Britain. Orthopaedics is also used by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Today, the specialty of orthopaedics has evolved to handle the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, so if you have a bone or muscle problem, it falls under our umbrella!

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Though the orthopaedic specialty has advanced greatly over time and will continue to do so, Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons, PLLC has chosen to use the original spelling in order to show our continuing commitment to our profession: past, present and future.

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