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The Waste Management Phoenix Open draws in hundreds of thousands of fans every year.  These are die hard fans who LOVE playing the game of golf.  Golf involves a wide variety of movements between our muscles and joints.  Our joints are similar to car tires… the tires on our cars are built to last a certain amount of time, well so are our hips, knees and other joints in our bodies.


The symptoms of golf-related hip pain can vary in form and intensity, depending on your type of injury. Joint pain similar to arthritis may exist during play and linger well after you have finished your round. Some golfers who complain of such joint pain may be mistakenly diagnosed with arthritis; but actually suffer from torn cartilage. Pain in the hip and pelvis may occur from overextending the joint and can increase during activities that cause you to twist. Feeling your hip joint catch when changing position — especially when rising from a sitting position — can also be a type of hip pain experienced by golfers.

Dr. Kurtis Staples extensively trained in anterior hip replacement during his trauma fellowship, a revolutionary procedure that dramatically reduces downtime for his patients when compared to the traditional posterior approach.  Since his training he has performed hundreds of anterior hip replacement surgeries, he is a pioneer of this procedure in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ area.  He also specializes in hip preservation treating disorders of the hip such as impingement, dysplasia and labral injuries.


Love playing golf but suffering from hip pain.  

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